Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Growing Up, but not yet

The other day Max asked if he could go to our neighborhood park by himself. He proceeded to tell me all of the reasons that he was old enough to go by himself and even suggested we role play some different scenarios. He promised to run away from any one who tried to give him candy. He swore he would never talk to anyone he did not know. I decided to let him walk to the park, while I watched him the entire way. As soon as he arrived safely, I sent Briggs to be with him at the park. A little while later they returned and the following was the conversation that ensued:

Briggs: "Mom, you will never believe where I found Max."
Me: "where?"
Briggs:"At Brice's house. He was trying to get his little brother to come out and play."
Me: "Max! I did not say you could go anywhere except the park! If I can't trust  you to go where you said you would go, then you can't go by yourself anymore."

Max: "You're right , Mom.  You can't trust me. I don't think you should let me go by myself again."

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Creatively Made Home

I am so excited about this e-course I can hardly stand it!  All of my favorite bloggers in one place, blogging about holiday projects? Yes, please!! There may not be anyone who loves a good project more than I do! I have been known to get a new crafty magazine and immediately go searching for the necessary supplies to make it happen as soon as possible.  I cannot wait to learn something new, bake something delicious and craft my little heart out! I know you will love it too.  Go here to sign up, the awesomeness begins October 15.

Max turns 7

Yesterday was Max's birthday and we celebrated with a big bash at the park. Last year we were closing on our house and moving on his birthday, so we didn't really have much time to plan anything special. As I reflected over his past birthdays, I realized that I tend to do more for Briggs' birthdays than I have for Max's in the last few years, not on purpose, it just has happened that way! SO we went all out for this one. He chose an Angry Birds Star Wars theme at the park in our neighborhood and I got to work on scouring Pinterest to make it cute.

We enjoyed celebrating with lots of friends and family.

The kids climbed trees, played R2 Egg 2 (carrying an egg in a spoon) and Pop the Piggies (relay race to pop a storm trooper pig balloon).

They spun on "Space Spin-du" until they fell off or wanted to throw up. Thankfully no serious injuries, although there were a few close calls.

Briggs hosted a Jedi Training session with the pool noodles turned light sabers and enjoyed helping everyone celebrate. He gave Max the sweetest card with heartfelt words of brotherly love that made this momma cry with thankfulness.

They played "Naboo Invasion," which was the party version of hot lava monster tag.

When I asked him how it felt to be seven, he replied,"It feels great.  Well,... really... it feels pretty much like being six."

This sweet boy lights up our life with his smile, snaggle-tooth as it may be! He is adorable, hysterical, and keeps us on our toes. 

Max, we love you and are so proud of you! I am so glad you are seven!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Powers of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Max, our sweet, mostly adorable, yet frequently whiny six year old has come on like gangbusters in his reading and math skills. For reading, Leslie has been working with him using Bob Books, plus other normal school work sheets, and I typically read with both boys at night. Max is at that magical age where he's trying to sound out everything he sees and asks what everything he reads means. He's having a blast reading most every chance he gets.

The enjoyment of math on the other hand doesn't come from his school work most of the time, but rather from an iPad game called Numbers League. It's a great game that requires the user to add or subtract multiple sets of numbers in order to allow them to "capture" a bad guy. Briggs still enjoys to play it and I have to admit that it is kind of fun to play it with Max to encourage him along.

His newfound powers of reading have been put to less than reputable purpose as he's found that he can take electronic books and change the stories to the whims of a six year old. Case in point, the classic "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" story has been digitally remastered to make it funnier, I have to agree it is funny, inappropriate, but funny...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Worst Day of Max's Life

Since the day Briggs lost his first tooth, Max has been dreading when it would happen to him too.  "Do I still have all my teeth?" was a question we would hear from time to time.  Two weeks ago, he realized that he had a wiggly tooth.  He would not let anyone touch it and would not wiggle it too much, lest he make it any worse.  Saturday morning he came to my bedside and said, "Mom, my tooth is really wiggly.  Do you think I still have some time?" I assured him he had a few more days and not to worry about it.  We told him that we would let it fall out on its own and no one has been allowed to touch it.  That afternoon while at Uncle Scott and Aunt Sue's house, he asked for a sucker.  Almost at the same time we said, "Be careful! You might pull your tooth out!"  Not five minutes later he ran in the room panicked-stricken, holding his tooth.  Then he proceeded to cry.  And cry.  For 30 minutes.  He said it hurt, but really he was just. plain. mad.  He didn't stop crying until Rod and Briggs came back from squirrel hunting and daddy made him calm down.  Before we left, he said it was the worst day of his life!  He finally got a little excited when we reminded him that he could put it under his pillow.

We think he's pretty adorable even without all of his teeth.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Born Again

I can't believe it's been so long since we've last posted an update. It's been a hectic second half of the year with job changes, moving back to Dothan, and just life in general. I spent most of my summer in Dothan on a special assignment which ultimately, after much prayer, led to me taking a job back in the area in October. We sorely miss our church family, friends, homeschool group, scout friends, and sports teams; but we're slowly starting to blend back into the Dothan world and trust that God has a plan for all of us. The biggest news this year and thing to reflect on thus far, has to be Briggs' salvation.

After reading a book last year called "Give them Grace", I was personally convicted of how important it is to treat our children in some ways as a mission field. That I would never go to another country and tell people to just behave, work harder, or do better in order to please God; so why would I treat my own children any differently. Of course with homeschooling we've been intentional about biblical teaching (2 Tim 3), but, I had found that I was not intentionally sharing the gospel, praying, and teaching the boys as I should. My worst fear was that either boy should ever "pray a prayer" of salvation or "accept" Christ just to please us. Sometime in 2011 we started especially treating most every problem with Briggs, to the extent practical, as a matter of our sinful hearts. Laying out supporting scripture and praying with him.

One night this past January, with nothing special going on, the boys were playing up stairs, Leslie and I were downstairs just sitting around; and Briggs came down with a serious look on his face. While playing legos of all things, Briggs said something clicked where he realized that his sin separated him from God and that if he were to die he'd be judged for those sins. After talking with him, he repented of his sin and surrendered his life to Christ.  He was baptized in August.  We were so humbled and overjoyed at God's grace in his life.  Here is the church's video below:

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Leslie and I have gone back and forth over the last several years on whether or not we should get the boys a dog. This past fall we finally broke down and just dove in. Briggs had one when he was about 3, he was cute, but dumber than dirt; we eventually gave him away to a loving home. I had one criteria for this one, it had to be a lab. The best dog I've ever had was a lab, faithful, trainable, and smart. I wanted a chocolate and Leslie wanted a black. We got to looking around and it was hard to find a chocolate and ultimately Leslie convinced me that the blacks looked better mature. So, we found a great breeder that you could tell really cared about their dogs. We were trying to time getting him a little closer to Christmas but that didn't work out. Leslie couldn't believe how big he already was when we got him. I can't believe how fast he's grown since then. He's everything we were looking for and pretty much what we expected. He's torn up a few things that he wasn't supposed to, mostly plants and a few socks, but nothing too bad. We've crate trained him, something I had not done before, and he's done great with it. He's great on the road, sleeping most of the time. We even took him all the way to Texas with us. Dad was gracious enough to let him stay a week with him along with all the other critters. He did great the whole way there and back and had a blast with my Dad's dog, horses, donkeys, cows, etc.

What? I didn't do anything...


Whadya Looking At?
He's been in the water a few times but wanted to get out as fast as he could. Over Easter weekend he finally found his swimming legs and had a blast.

If Leslie had written this post she would probably mention how out of control he is when I'm not around, climbing on furniture, tearing up more stuff, which is all true, unfortunately; but manageably so. All in all though he's been great and is definitely part of the family. The boys love him and play great with him. Briggs favorite game is running laps around the house. Max's favorite is trying to ride him. Now we couldn't imagine life without him. Good boy.