Friday, April 4, 2008

2002 Pre Briggs

Okay, back at it. Tee ball was cancelled today due to all of the rain we had last night. We did go visit a little old lady that lives by herself in Avondale along with some of our friends from church. It was nice until Max had a nuclear detonation in his diaper that resulted in him losing his outfit for the ride home. And I'm overlooking that the boys (there were four total) knocked over the little old ladies coffee table and dumped all of the belongings on the floor, okay other than that it was nice. I really kind of felt bad b/c it was really kind of hard to visit whilst all the while worrying about the little gladiators tearing up this woman's living room. We ate at a new "restaraunt" tonight b/c we had some coupons to use, Tortugas, I have to agree with the Junkins, it's the best pizza I've had up here and the service was really really nice.
Alright, back to the pics. The first few are of the super nice nursery that we created for Briggs in house #1. I repainted the walls a nice color of blue with a yellow border that we stenciled with a nursery rhyme. Leslie's dad and I even air brushed some clouds on the ceiling, it was really nice. I'm guessing Briggs slept in it maaaybe 9 nights, total. Well, more than that but a very small amount nontheless. We moved out of the house right before Briggs' second birthday. Moral of the story, we didn't "do" anymore super nursery's after that one.
The others are the ultrasound pic of Briggs and obviously the delivery room.

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