Monday, April 21, 2008


There are times when I wished for the boys' sake we lived enough in the country to have room for a dog. However, they've certainly had lots of other things to occupy them and it's probably best from a PETA standpoint that we didn't have one anyways. There's no doubt that they boys have suffered much less without a dog than any poor hound would have suffered had we had one. The top picture is the first one that I have with Briggs and Blue. Briggs never really was attached to a pacifier but there are no telling how many iterations of Blue we went through until he finally quit, ummm, gnawing? on a Blue. He would (I'm going to stick with) "gnaw" on the paws of his Blue to go to sleep every day and night. Blue went with us everywhere we went, he was a companion and a pacifier for those first few years. From a parents perspective it was cute, at first, but man when those things went sour, wow they went sour in a bad way and clued us that we needed to try find a store that still sold them, which got harder and harder to do by the way. The next to last pic where it "appears" Briggs is strangling a dog (okay, I have to admit when you zoom in on that pic that poor dog does not look happy), is our failed attempt at owning a real dog. Leslie put in that she thought she could handle taking care of a dog and after much research decided we should purchase a King Cavalier Charles Spaniel. I won't go into details, but after about 6 months King Rusty was given away to a good home, beyond a shadow of a doubt for his own good no less. Lastly, Briggs has without prompting settled into having a less needy pet Rusty. Actually, the current version of Rusty has been around for about the last four years as I've found in some of the old videos I recorded. Briggs used to tote him around a little bit but over the past year or so, Rusty has become essential for going to bed and lounging around with. He usually goes to get Max out of bed too with Briggs and Max tossing him back and forth, it's amazing he hasn't come apart at the seams for all the wear he gets. Rusty picks out which book to read at night, says a dog version of his prayers which Briggs translates for us, and every night he snuggles in the bed with Briggs. He only requires a bath every now and then and thus far has been the best dog we've owned, I'll be curious to see what the next version of Rusty looks like a few years from now...

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  1. That was a cute story :) We have blues too, but ours are blankets. It all came from Sam choosing his blue blanket over the other blankets. Then it became blue for short. He has found a new love for it since Davis came along, they both sit and hug on blue. I love seeing them get so excited about getting to hug it again.