Friday, April 4, 2008

Here Goes...

Well, here goes nothing. Thanks to my friend Scott for introducing me to the world of family "blogging". I have to admit, at first I thought blogging was kind of something just for other people to do on just a wide range of topics, and in the end, maybe it will end up being that way. I hope not however, my hope is that Leslie and I will be able to document some of the life and times of our family for years to come and end up with something of a journal that we and our extended families can enjoy.

As such, most of my writings will be geared toward those that already know us. If you're reading this and you don't know us, well, welcome and good luck figuring us out.

At the time of this first posting the family unit consists of myself, my first wife Leslie, Briggs, and Max. Briggs is currently five years old, weighs in at a svelte 46 pounds, is closely approaching 4' in height, and is maxing out on the bench at around 135 lbs (kidding). Max as of today is 18 months old, lean and mean at 25 pounds, and near as I could measure whilst he was on the run, he's coming in at at 32 inches in height, we've delayed weight lifting to allow the steroids to kick in...

I like to take a LOT of pictures and I will try to post some from time to time and put some story behind them. My plan, if you can call it one, is to back post some older pictures and try to recall the stories behind them as well. The ones above are from Easter. I prefer candid shots, it's a good thing because that is what I end up with most of the time with the boys anyway. That day, as most now, Max didn't want to stand still and almost never walks anywhere, it's a full tilt run. It was his first Easter egg hunt, he did fine except he hated the pine straw. Briggs was on top of a bouncy slide thingy-ma-jig that like all boys, he had a great time with. The last is of Briggs sharing his water. Despite their age difference, they get along great, and I sure hope Briggs continues his trend of being such a well behaved son, because Max wants to do whatever his big brother is doing. Gotta run, we missed about 30 minutes of our evening due to being stuck in the basement for yet another tornado warning, seems like we have them at least once a month. Now it's dinner time, a re-creation of one of our favorite Dothan 'restaraunts', Honey's!


  1. best of luck with your new blog! beautiful photos of your family (:
    (just clicking around on blogger)

  2. That nice family! That beautiful place! Congratulate with your blog!
    I from Brasil(Brazil). I do not speak Englis very well. But I think that you understand me. Good luck with your new blog.
    I have a great family, too. Ana Rita, my wife, and two children. Priscilla my first daughter.She is 16. Ana Carollina my second daughter is only nine years old. It is a happy family! Obrigado(thank you very much)

  3. I am going to say the Brazilian is Tom Jones. Or maybe someone I don't know, but sounds like a lazya7 think to me. Love the blog, but I would quit now. It's really not worth it. Scott.