Friday, April 4, 2008

More Easter

These are from this past Easter as well. After church on Sunday we always go out to The Crossroads for lunch and play. The first one is from the egg hunt, one of my favorites of that day, it's a good picture of Leslie and Max, and reminds me of how much I love to smell my boys' hair, not b/c I'm bald :-), just b/c there's something about it, it's just...exquisite. Leslie always makes the boys' outfits (the white ones) and does an amazing job (can't get a button sewn on my pants, but that's another story altogether). Thanks to Sue for cooking all morning that day, it's always good, and she always has plenty of her famous chocolate chip cookies to feed the growing horde of mouths that show up every year. This year Scott added a swing rope and a climber thing for everyone to play on, I think Briggs enjoyed them the most. Another great Easter spent with family.


  1. Hey Rod! These pictures are soooo pretty! Did you say that you took them?

  2. Yeah, that was my first day or two with the new lens. It works great for portrait shots. Thanks...