Friday, April 11, 2008

Rainy Day

It was another rainy April afternoon in Birmingham but it stopped just long enough before bedtime that we could go out and play for just a few minutes. Max was barefoot and had a good time playing in the puddles. Briggs has taken to playing Peter Pan lately. He's always Peter, I'm Captain Hook, Leslie is Wendy, and poor Max has been designated (by his brother) as either Tinker Bell or Smee since "he's just the right size". At least Max doesn't mind, for now...


  1. He needs to come over and play with Sam, he got the ship and both Peter Pan and Hook for Easter. We might run into trouble with who is Peter Pan though :) I love the puddle picture where Max is bent down and the golf picture at the top!

  2. thanks magan! that puddle pic was one of my favorites. maybe one could be pan and the other could be the shadow? ;-)