Saturday, April 5, 2008

Welcome Briggs Henry Cude

This is one of those posts that Leslie is definitely going to have to chime in on since she is the keeper of all of Briggs' birth specifications, length, weight, time and what not. I'll give my thoughts on D-Day and a few months after. I remember being at work and getting paged while I was in a meeting. Leslie had a checkup that morning, which was a couple of weeks before her "due" date. This being my first time around, I never really put much thought into the variations possible in said "due" date, I assumed it would be maybe a day or two off. A few weeks early however, the doctor told her it was time and off we went. I'll spare the details, but suffice it to say, like all births, it was amazing and awe inspiring. Reality didn't really sink in though until we brought him home and realized, wow, this is all on us now. Those first about 8 weeks were wild until he got his days and nights right and we figured out that a combination of him in the bouncy seat that is placed on top of the mattress in his crib, equaled a few hours of respite from the mind numbing wails. And thank God also for those freaky (at first) Baby Einstein videos that calmed him down for 30 minutes a pop.

With him having been born in November, the month of December was pretty awesome and made for one of our best Christmas presents. Looking back, we went through a time (after about the first year of trying) where we really were worried, that we may never get to enjoy that day, I am very very thankful to God that He has blessed us the way that He has though. In my wildest dreams would I have ever have imagined that I would be blessed with not one, but two, awesome, blonde haired, blue/green eyed, boys! Now I think I know how my dad must have felt, him with his blond hair and blue eyes and his little tan, black hair (old days), brown eyed kid tagging along. It's amazing though how much of yourself you see in them, good and bad, there's no doubt for example they inherited that Cude stubborness, and Briggs got my talking in his sleep trait too, that's always good for a few laughs.

Coming from an only child family, it was amazing to me to see how many people cared about us and our family and showed up for Briggs' delivery. The picture above looking out of the hospital nursery is one of my favorites.

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