Friday, April 4, 2008

The year was 2000

Wow we didn't take a lot of pictures before the kids. In looking back, I'm going to skip 2001 b/c when i look in that folder, mostly what i find are golf pictures, cats, and flowers (tons of flowers, day lilies to be exact). We got our first video camera that year since I was working at Sony, and my video to picture ratio leaned heavily to video in the old days. Lately I've been doing pictures almost exclusively, so I'm sure as I get closer to the present day I'm going to have way too much material to put in here. Anywho, things i remember from Y2K, well besides the world nearly freaking out b/c the computers were supposedly all going to crash, thankfully Clint had his arsenal at the ready and Scott had us well supplied to survive post New Years Eve. Back then we stayed at the Crossroads till midnight (pre-kids) and we even splurged on those fun poppers that shot confetti into the ceiling fan, immature I know but that'll be a common theme in this blog, but man was it fun!
We both graduated in 1999 and the little pink house above was our first house, it was great and fit us well for many years, well until Briggs and his toys ran us out. It was a new neighborhood (Grove Park) and the first few years were kind of scary before it really took off. We ended up owning three separate houses in GP and Briggs still refers to them as our #1, 2, and 3 houses. The hole in the ceiling came from when I was trying to install some surround sound speakers on my own. I was doing soooo good, just barely stepped on the sheet rock and man that stuff broke easily. I wasn't hurt and I remember Leslie coming around the corner seeing my leg sticking through the ceiling and saying she just knew I had fallen through. I had mixed feelings, mad at myself for being so stupid and clumsy and thankful it wasn't any worse. Good times.

Leslie behind the lawn mower is something of an optical illusion. To this day she maintains that she has never cut the grass. Her uncle Scott and on another day our pastor at the time bailed her out from having to cut the grass, technically. I had broken my leg from sliding into third (dislocated my ankle too and reset it myself - booya!) anyway, i was on crutches for a few weeks and this pic will probably be the only one we'll ever have of her anywhere near a lawn mower.

The one of Leslie, her mom, dad, and Gunner was at an ice cream social at Southside Baptist Church. It's the first picture I have with Gunner in it, I'll never forget when he joined the family. Understandably he was a completely different child back then, but he's growing into a fine young man, quickly I might add.

The last one from 2000 is a picture of me (the tall guy) and the Sony Volleyball team. I have no idea what we got a trophy for, doesn't seem like we won the Championship or anything but apparently we won something. It was fun though, the one and only volleyball team I was on.

On to 2002 and the new addition to the fam!

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  1. I like the hole in the ceiling. Priceless. Daddy Scott