Sunday, May 18, 2008

Briggs' Graduation

Briggs had his pre-K "graduation" this past Thursday night. I have to admit that we (I) had some reservations about the program when we first signed him up. Mostly because the church/school was so small. But, even though he's only been there since January of this year, we've been VERY impressed with how much he's grown academically, personally, and with respect to his Bible studies as well.

You always wonder if your kid is going to be one of those that doesn't know the words and just stands there making funny faces during any sort of group singing. Briggs is definitely not that kid, he knew all the words, and motions, and did a great job, he was probably the most enthusiastic one up there. He really loves singing, especially his favorite cartoon theme songs. Spectacular Spider Man, Jimmy Neutron, and 3-2-1 Penguins are his biggest hits. The teacher says he's a great student and that everyone in his class loves him, I think he's friends with nearly everyone he meets. When I got home that day, before we even went to the graduation, Leslie had already been crying. She pulled out some of Briggs' scrapbooks earlier that day and was just emotional about how much he is growing up. And of course she also cried some there, as did all of the moms. When we asked Briggs what his favorite part of the graduation was, he said "the part where I came out and gave Mom the rose" (the ceremony was very mom centered, moms on the front row, etc). It was very sweet. That was Leslie's favorite part too. Mine was when he was on stage in his little cap and holding his certificate, when he found me in the crowd he gave me a little thumbs up and a smile. The lady in the pic with Briggs is his teacher Ms. Marquita (sp?), I've never met anyone with that name, she was a very good teacher and we will honestly miss Briggs going to school there. I hope all the rest are as good as she was.

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  1. He IS belting it out up there in that group picture! I love the one where he is waving, adorable.