Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our First Family Vacation

Well I promised Leslie and Briggs that we would take a vacation this year, a real one, and we finally made it to Disney. This is the first time we've been off to somewhere besides the beach since Briggs was born. In a nutshell, it was fun and exhausting. The highlight of the week was Briggs being selected for Padawan Jedi training. He got to fight Darth Vader and received an "official" Padawan certificate that he has been SO proud of, we're going to get it framed :-). Max did about as well as could be expected, he enjoyed the little rides but on more than one occasion was freaked out by some of the shows, as were we all. It's crazy how many of the shows have a scary part to them. I think his favorite part of the week was the Playhouse Disney show, he seemed to have a great time dancing and catching bubbles. It seems like we spent about a fourth of our time tracking down the various characters, that weren't at our meals, for pictures. That was pretty grueling, but as long as everyone had fun, then it was worth it. Les even rode one of the roller coasters, the Aerosmith one, it was a great ride but too short. At the end of every day it was pretty easy getting the boys (and Rusty and Goddard (Briggs has added an imaginary Robot dog Goddard to our long tradition of Cude dogs...)) to sleep. I think that I need another vacation from this vacation...

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  1. THe goofy picture is pretty priceless :) I am glad you all had fun, but completely understand how exhausted you are. I do have to admit that I CAN"T BELIEVE you skipped out on Space Mountain and Pirates of the Carribean, those are two of my all time favorite classic rides. If you rode Peter Pan I can forgive you a little, that is my favorite kiddy ride:) We need to get together soon!