Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wow Cool Cookies Bubbles and No Shoes

Well, the title of this post says it all. Pretty self explanatory, right?

Kidding, the above titled words are the first that Max is saying repeatedly and with purpose, besides the MaMa and DaDa that he's been saying for some time now. Just in the past few weeks he's been saying "Wow" at almost everything and much to our chagrin, he's been saying "No" even more, we're trying to "correct" that little situation. For some strange reason he's picked up on saying "cookie", I'm guessing it might just have something to do with the chocolate chip cookies that Leslie has been having to hide from him after she bakes them, (man can those two boys knock down a batch of cookies). He was really proud of himself for saying "shoes", he'll run and go get them and clap for himself. "Cool" and "bubbles" came out just this past week. The screen saver on my computer has bubbles and somehow or another he knew the word for them, crazy, no idea where he learned that. And finally, we're guessing "cool" came from big brother, it gets thrown around quit a bit by both of them now, it's "cute" and "cool" ::wink-wink::

AAAAND, this doesn't really fit here since the data is about month old, but I need to log it somewhere that at Max's 18 month checkup he came in the 97th percentile for height and 50th for weight. Not that I put a lot of stock in those percentiles since kids seem to vary so much in growth spurts and what not, but it's pretty obvious that Max is so far growing up to be pretty tall and trim.

Some pics from today, we went to the park in Chelsea after dinner, I was wanting to get some good pics of Max for this post but the little bugger won't stay still long enough, oh well. Briggs has been sporting his Iron Man costume (I need to do a whole post on the various costumes we've gone through) for the past two days. He asked me if he could wear it to the park, and of course I spanked him for asking such a silly question. Wait, no, and of course I let him wear it! Our latest game has been for us to play super heroes, he was obviously Iron Man, I was War Machine (Iron Man's buddy), and Max was Captain America. Iron Man accidentally scared a little girl at the park who was not expecting to see a four foot kid in a mask whilst crawling through the little play tunnel, fortunately she got over it and her mom didn't give us too dirty of a look...

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