Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whoah Horsey

Our Small Group (equivalent to Sunday School) from Church sponsored a group of visiting Ukranian orphans to ride some horses today and some of the class members brought their kids to play with the Ukranian kids and to ride the horses as well. For some reason most of the kids only seemed to want to ride once or twice and then found other things to occupy them. Briggs and Max on the otherhand I think probably rode as much or more than almost any other kid(s) out there. All in all though, I think both the visiting kids and the Cude boys had a pretty fun morning. Not surprisingly, Max wasn't scared at all of the horses or of riding them, I walked beside him to keep him from falling off, but I think he nearly could have done it by himself. The best part was when Briggs and Max rode together, you could tell they were really having a good time being on the horse together. Another successful day...

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