Saturday, July 5, 2008

4 Legged Tap

This is going to be one of those pictureless posts, just something to document a phenomenom in our house. Somewhere, I don't know where, Briggs picked up the habit of tapping our drink glasses together at the dinner table. I think he got it from his pre-school, which is in a church by the way, read: we don't hang out at bars so it was kind of funny for him to bring this home with him one day. Anyway, we think it's kind of cute so we always oblige him . Leslie, myself, and Briggs almost always tap our cups together at dinner. Well this weekend Max for the first time initiated the tap and we've now gone from what we call a 3 legged tap to now a 4 legged tap. If you saw us you'd think we were some sort of bar fly family. It was cute to see Max stick his little sippy cup out in the middle of the table and it took us all a few seconds to realize what he was trying to do. SO, if you happen to eat with us or be near us in a restaraunt, please look over our glass tapping fam, it's aparently just one of those things we do now.

We went to see Wall-E this weekend, Briggs has been waiting for it for like 6 months it feels like. It was pretty good, a little on the go green side but no more so than it was preachy about not letting robots take over the world, I enjoyed it. Anywho, Max has really started being able to just repeat random things on the first take and when we got out at the theater we were saying how we were going to go see Wall-E and Max started saying repeatedly Waawww-weee, again, pretty cute coming from a 1 year old. In the theater he did pretty good, he got upset that we didn't condone him eating popcorn off the floor that he had dropped, but after he got over that he kind of settled into sitting on the steps by the aisles and watching the movie from there with his lil bag of popcorn. We bought some books the next day and now Waawww-weee is getting a good bit of attention at the Cude house...

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