Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Son the Heretic

All of this week Briggs is going to something our church calls Backyard Bible Club, the idea is to take Vacation Bible School out to the surrounding neighborhoods. They do the normal stuff, a Bible study, crafts, play time, etc. The house they're at has a pretty cool zip line set up in the back yard that seems to be the fan favorite. Anyway, after today's get together I asked Briggs what they learned today. His answer was "that God gives our sins". I was driving so I had to make him repeat that one and he said again that "God gives our sins". I was kind of puzzled and it took me a few minutes, but I finally realized that he was trying to say that God "FORGIVES" our sins, BIG difference. So anyway that led us into a good theological discussion, as good as a five year old and his dad can get anyway. It's very convicting that he's entering an age where it's on me to teach him the Bible. We spoke of Nicodemus in John 3, an example of Jesus teaching that just being a good person is worthless from an eternal perspective. I don't expect him to understand being born again anymore than Nicodemus did, yet, but I look forward to the many wonderful moments like this that are to come. It's neat and little scary seeing that he kind of gets it though and that he's starting to understand sin, forgiveness, faith, real love, man he's growing so quick!

On a side note, as we do frequently, we went to Spain park (or "two park" as we call it for the two different playsets) for some fun and photo ops. Briggs in about the past month or so has started being able to do the monkey bars by himself, he's pretty proud of that and I am too. It won't be long before Max is able to do everything at the park that Briggs does, it certainly isn't for lack of trying. It's great seeing how well they get along, about 95% of the time anyway...

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