Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Words, Pouting, and a New Haircut

This week we (Leslie and the kids) have been in Dothan while Rod has been on a business trip. We have had fun staying up late, eating desserts, and going barefoot for days. Max has been adding new words to his ever growing repertoire, such as shark. R2 (as in D2), frog, I don't know, and here you go. He has also done a fair share of pouting when he gets in trouble or does not get what he wants (see above picture). He pooches out his bottom lip, lowers his head and closes his eyes. It is nearly impossible for me not to laugh.
Briggs got a new short haircut today! It is a big change from the shaggy look he has had, but it looks great. Briggs has been having a great time this week swimming, playing with his cousins, blowing up balloons and letting them go on Granny and Papa's roof, and playing Battleship with mommy and Granny. There is a reason the game is for ages 7 and up, as Briggs was trying to call out numbers to sink his own battleships. After Granny started playing on his side, he got better, a little.
One last (sweet) thing. This morning Briggs and Max were fighting over a chair with kicking, pushing, etc. when all of a sudden, Max bent over and hugged Briggs' waist. Afterward, they sat side by side and shared the chair. How awesome to see them working things out and sharing without intervention on my part.
Well, we miss daddy and can't wait to see him in one week, one day and 3 hours, 24 minutes. Approximately.


  1. Awesome guys, and you did a super job Les or should I say Princess. It sure helps me to keep in touch. Thanks folks

  2. I like the new haircut, it looks so cute on him. Thanks for the hope of one day working their problems out on their own without intervention :)