Thursday, August 21, 2008


About twice a week or so when I come home from work I will walk through the garage and as I approach the dark stairwell, I am admittedly startled by a voice in the darkness decrying something to this effect: "BEHOLD!!! The Arc T-3 Missile Blaster 3000, built to carry both droids and Jedi, it has two laser blasters and anti-something missiles, R-2's and R-4's can fly it and it can carry 3 light sabers..." The speech is actually pretty impressive in it's detail, seems to roll on for at least a full minute, and has an uncanny commercial quality tone to it. After I get over being told to "BEHOLD" anything from a voice in the darkness, I flip on the stairwell light to find good 'ol Briggs standing there proud as a peacock displaying the latest in his Lego Star Wars creativity construct. I'm not sure if I prefer the days when he meets me at the stairs (with the lights on) waiting for me to catch him as he surprisingly pounces from the 5th row or if I prefer creeping around the corner to try to prevent being too alarmed by commercial pushing 5 year olds...either way, I do kind of enjoy it :-).

I feel like I need to do a Max update. He is still of course kind of limited in the scope of how big his stories are going to be, I mean obviously he isn't quite going to be trying to astound me with new ships he's built just yet, but he is growing up at an alarming rate. Let's see... Lately he's gotten a lot better about the nursery at church or the gym, even going so far as to walk in on his own now and wave bye (not always, but getting better). Speaking of waving, we think he's got a bit of a politician in him. He's constantly running up to people now and babbling nonsense to them in a jovial sort of way, waving hi and bye to them, and everyone seems to love it. He's gotten to the point to where he likes to have someone play pretend with him, Cars, Larry Boy, etc. He walks around a good bit singing part of the Larry Boy theme song "Raaarrrry Boyyyy..." then he'll pause for you to complete the verse, it's very cute coming from him. If he has the Samurai Veggie Tale toys, he's constantly saying "HAAIII YA!", it's from the cartoon. If he gets a hold of some of the Star Wars toys, he'll run around doing the laser blaster sound "pew-pew-pew" (how do you write a laser sound? you get the point). He LOVES to go outside, we've got some toys setup on the back porch which he enjoys to get out and play with, cooking, building, little people (the toys), and if you're with him, he likes to swing, slide, and play in the trampoline. Which by the way, he surprised us by doing a pretty good jump in this week. He can get maybe a half a foot of air by hopping around, not bad in our books. In summary, both boys are doing great and growing up so much. I'm very proud of them in so many ways, they have their moments obviously but they love each other and us very much (there's not many better moments than our "family hugs", they're very out going, and I think pretty well behaved when no one is watching...(don't fall for the sly smile Max throws at ya...)

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