Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Spy With My Little Eye

This will just be one of those verbal posts, just a father-son moment I wanted to capture for posterity's sake. Briggs and I were going to play golf this afternoon, had another great time together btw, and on the way there we were playing "I spy". On about Briggs' fourth turn he says "I spy with my little eye somethiiiiiing brown." There's not a lot that is brown in my car so I'm guessing dirt, shoes, leather, and I'm wrong on about 5 guesses. I give up and he says "it was your head dad! well, really, all of you...". I guess I've got my summer tan kicking pretty hard. We both had a big laugh out of it, it was cute and funny. You never know what your kids are seeing and thinking. He often asks about the differences between himself, me, Max, and Leslie. I always tell him that that is just how God made us, that we're all wonderfully different, I think he's pretty cool with that because it obviously provides him and us with some entertaining moments.

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  1. So, he didn't think that Leslie was brown, hee, hee. It is fun when their thought process comes out in conversation, I love it!
    BTW, I REALLY wish I had been bowling instead!