Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meeting Tonight in Dave's Sheep Barn

Subtitle: You're in the big time now
This past spring, being new to Birmingham, Rod and I checked into baseball and soccer for Briggs. We decided on baseball (tee ball) since he had never played it before and because soccer was, ...well let me explain.

I went to the registration for soccer to get some information. When I was informed how much it would cost, I balked at the amount, telling the man that it was nearly four times as much as it was in Dothan, to which he replied, "well, you're in the big time now."

Over the last few months Rod and I have used this phrase as the punchline to many jokes.

This fall we have had the choice of football, coach pitch baseball or soccer. Football for kindergartners requires three practices a week with games every Saturday for 14 weeks. Did I mention the playoffs and Superbowl at Lambeau Field? Since Briggs would be coming in as a rookie and probably not drafted until the fourth round, we decided to wait on football, at least until he passes the 50 pound mark. (Impressive how much I know about football isn't it?)

As for baseball, Rod did not think that Briggs was ready for coach pitch, so that left us with soccer. I registered and signed Rod up to (somewhat begrudgingly) assist with coaching. He made it clear that he did not want to be the main coach (again).

A couple of weeks went by and the other night I got a phone call from the soccer club asking if Rod would be willing to be the head coach for Briggs' team because no one else would do it. He stated that they would have to get some teenagers if Rod refused. So after discussing it with Rod, it was agreed that he would coach (again). The man was very excited and informed us that there would be a meeting in the loft of "Dave's sheep barn tonight" to discuss details about the season.

Welcome to the big time. It conducts its meetings in livestock shelters.

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