Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mom, I got lost today

Well, today was the day Briggs had to walk to class by himself. Since his classroom is so far from the entrance, I offered to walk him in one more day, but he stated that he knew the way, ("I know, I know, turn at the gym.") followed by, "Mom, I don't need you." So, I dropped him off in car line, which I will write more about later, and decided not to go in and check to make sure he made it to class since he seemed pretty confident. Max screamed as soon as Briggs got out of the car and continued almost the whole way home. I guess I am not the only one who wanted to walk him in. When I picked him up it was raining and we got busy and I forgot to ask him if he made it to his class alright. While we were eating dinner, he nonchalantly stated, "Mom, I got lost today. Actually there were two of us and we were in the middle of nowhere." After asking a teacher, he and the little girl found their way to their classroom. He doesn't want me to walk him in tomorrow either.

Now about car line, you can call me an overprotective parent if you like, but car line at his school borders on insanity. Let me explain. There are two lanes of cars and rather than a teacher helping children get in their cars one at a time, they take about 5 cars in each lane and bring out the children that belong in those cars. A whistle is blown and the children are turned loose to find their car. Kids are running amouck everywhere trying to find their car. There always seems to be one that can't find their car and that car ends up having to pull up off to the side to get their kid. Then another whistle is blown and all ten cars leave so the next ten can get their kids.

I do not pretend to know what is going on here. Do they think this saves time? Do they like to live on the edge? Is this school filled with teachers who bungee jump and sky dive in their spare time? Why do they have to include my child in such thrill seeking? I know car line is a big deal, but I have been involved in car line at two other schools and I have never seen it done this way. It just seems a little dangerous to have all those kids darting between cars, not really knowing where their car is.

Having said that, car line is the only thing that I have not liked about his school. We had Parent Night tonight and the teacher told us all about what to expect and it is very exciting. She seems like a great teacher and I overheard her say to one of the parents that while she is not allowed to pray with the students, she and other teachers meet in her room every morning to pray for the students. How awesome is that! The room mom for the class goes to our church. This is such an answered prayer for me and helps to put me at ease about sending him to public school.

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  1. I got chills about the teachers who meet to pray for their students. What a wonderful way to start your day and to put your mind in the right place to start your day. Love the pics by BTW!