Tuesday, August 26, 2008


All of the rain we have had in the last few days have left us with a very soggy and muddy backyard. Yesterday evening the boys had a great time playing together in the mud, climbing up the slide then sliding down really fast because it was wet and jumping on the trampoline. Even though supper was ready, they were playing so well I did not want to interrupt them. When they finally came in they were so muddy, they went straight to the tub. At supper, Max ate two helpings of spaghetti, then sat in my lap and ate my spaghetti, then Rod's, and then mine again. That baby was hungry! He even ate some of the bread, which he never does. Considering the day before all he ate was goldfish. a cookie, and a few candy corn, I guess he was making up for lost time. That seems to be a pattern for him, going a day or so without really eating and then eating like a champ.

Our dinner table conversation with Briggs consisted of him telling us how much he loves eating lunch at school and how cool the lunch trays are. He even ate vegetable lasagna the other day and thought it was great. As I was thinking about how well he has achieved this huge milestone of going to real school, I couldn't help but think about my own experience with the lunchroom in public school, which offers a stark contrast.

I will never forget my first day at Selma Street Elementary School. My teacher was very old and she raised her voice a lot. I had never been through a cafeteria line before and when I got to the milk, I realized that I would have to drink the milk, from the carton, with no ice. Yuck! I couldn't drink milk without ice and the carton made it taste even worse. Believe it or not, this traumatized me and I brought my lunch to school not only the rest of first grade, but I think until sometime in high school.

I am so glad that Briggs does not have my spirit of timidity, instead he sees new things as an adventure and a challenge. He definitely inherited Rod's optimistic view of life, like this afternoon when he hit himself in the mouth with the Wii controller and through tears exclaimed, "If my tooth falls out, at least the tooth fairy will come."

At bedtime, we started reading The Velveteen Rabbit. We are going to read a little every night until we finish it. I wasn't sure if he would really like it since there are not pictures on every page, but he held Rusty close and wanted me to keep reading. Afterward, I snuggled him until he went to sleep.

I'm learning to embrace the mud. It was a good day.

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  1. Glad I'm not cleaning those clothes. I can't picture you in the mud either :) I love the tooth fairy reaction, that is priceless.