Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just realized I'm not sure how to spell the shortened version of pacifier...pac-e, pac-i, pacey??? Ha, weird. Oh well, it's gone, that's all I know! It really wasn't that bad, but I felt I should document it since it was kind of a big moment in the life of Max and we didn't really have to deal with this for Briggs. He's almost two now and growing waaay too fast, he has his moments to be sure but by and large he really is a sweet boy. He had pretty much gotten to the point where he only went to sleep with it or maybe had it when he was sick or something. We had actually tried to get rid of it this past spring but Disney threw a quick kink in that plan. There was NO way we would have survived Disney with the lines, messed up hours, stroller everywhere, etc. without that pac-ie. We decided however that after this past quick trip to the beach that it was a good time to try to get rid of it, I think our friends the Junkins inspired us and the timing was right. Leslie finally just started putting him to sleep without it. I, the big softie apparently, caved after he cried for about 10 minutes solid and would go get him and let him fall asleep at night on my chest while I watched football. I have to admit that I enjoyed getting him, seeing him smile, pull back the tears (catch his breath), point to the TV and say "ball!" and then crash to sleep while I held him. It only took a weekend of doing that and the good ole pac-eys are gone! We did have a couple of minor incidents of finding them hidden here and there afterwards, but Max was cool and would just hand them over with his cute "here ya go", one of his favorite sayings...

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