Monday, October 13, 2008

Cude-y kisser

Other possible titles: "Let's Play a Game"
"Don't tell your Mom"
"We Kissed, hee hee"
"I Thought Briggs Didn't Like Girls"
"Don't Girls Have Cooties?"

Let's see, ....where to begin. Today Briggs was out of school for teacher work day. We have a new neighbor, an older woman, almost 7, who Briggs had been playing with for the last couple of weeks. Today they played outside while I was in and out of the house with Max taking a nap upstairs. I thought I was keeping a close eye on them, but apparently not close enough.

They had been playing on the swingset in the backyard, climbing the monkey bars, swinging, etc when I noticed them under the platform you climb up on to get to the slide. I could only see them from the neck down and it looked as if they were talking very seriously. She kept trying to take his hand and pull on his arm, and as I watched from the living room, I thought "I wonder what they are doing." So I walked out on the back porch to pretend to clean up and they came out and continued playing. Neither appreared too guilt ridden so I just kept a closer eye on them and actually started cleaning up outside. After a while we had to leave for the dentist, so I got a little distracted getting everyone dressed, teeth brushed, etc. until we were in the car on the way home. I asked Briggs what he and the little girl played this afternoon. At first he just said that she did not want to play any of the games that he wanted to play, like Star wars or Spy. When asked again, he replied, "she told me not to tell you."

I could have pulled the car over then and there, but I calmly replied, "we don't keep secrets from mommy and daddy." Afterward he giggled, "we kissed." To which I replied, "where?"

"On the lips," was his answer.

I really was not sure what to say. My mind was reeling. How could this happen!? I know it was not Briggs' idea, that little hussy (kidding). I didn't know if I should laugh, cry or be mad. He, on the other hand, thought it was hilarious. I stumbled around and said, "only people who are married are allowed to kiss." Yea, Yea, I know but I just did not want this to happen again. Then I tackled the more serious issue of keeping secrets from your parents and peer pressure. I stopped myself before the lecture became too lengthy and decided to let Rod deal with it when he got home.

After another discussion about keeping secrets, Rod told Briggs that when he was about his age, girls would chase him around trying to kiss him and he called them "cootie kissers." They both had a good laugh, while I sat on the couch confused and bewildered.


  1. How funny! I hope my little girl doesn't turn into a "cootie" kisser! I don't think her father will approve!HAHA.

  2. Leslie, you should be glad that was all - remember the little boy under the house! I think you must have learned to be cool in a crisis situation from me..By the way, his picture looks exactly like you when you were his age.
    #1 Granny

  3. Leslie,

    I blog hopped and wound up here! Crazy! Your boys are so handsome and have grown so much!!! I LOVED the story about Briggs kissing. We've got a few stories like that! :)

    Happy weekend!