Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Robo Blaster NR4000

A few weeks ago Briggs was sent home his very first parent/child project. He was pretty excited about it and after reading the directions Leslie was pretty quick to inform me that this was going to be a Father/Son project... We were given papers with turkey parts (head, wings, etc) drawn on them for you to color and cut out. After that it was up to you to creatively hide the the turkey on or in whatever manner you wanted, a soccer ball, a pumpkin, etc. The directions basically said to be creative. So, I let Briggs pretty much dictate what he wanted and we ran with it.

It started with a pumpkin, then we decided to transform him into a robot pumpkin, next it was a robot pumpkin with an Iron Man chest blaster, then we added a blaster arm, then we added a blaster rocket pack, and finally we put it all on a set of Wall-E type tank tracks. The picture will have to suffice on how it all went together. Briggs proclaimed his name to the Robo Blaster NR4000.

I'm not the most creative or artistic guy in the world but in the eyes of a 5 year old I think I did okay. Briggs was really excited to work on it every chance we got and he was always wanting to add more and more stuff, just today he asked if we could build another robot. I went by a salvage yard to look for truck parts and he said it would be a great place to find robot parts as well :-). Leslie had to help him take it into school on the day it was due, she said one kid immediately exclaimed that he wished that that was his turkey project because it was so cool! Seeing the joy Briggs had working on the project and knowing how much he wants to do well in school was more than enough encouragement (not that I needed much) to make me look forward to many more projects to come. Bring on the baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, or maybe we can make it into a rabid-robo-tank-volcanoe!

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