Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas 2008

I can't believe Christmas is almost here. The boys are a little more excited than they were last year, but not like crazy excited. This year Briggs has asked for all sorts of off the wall things that we actually were able to find some variation of. First to note is that when he gets to see Santa somewhere he first tells him what Max would like and then tells him the stuff he would like. We've tried to explain to him that he doesn't get everything and I think sending the box of stuff to the child overseas and praying for that child has helped him be pretty cool with whatever. We have tried not to hype big gifts and don't even have anything under the tree except for what we've gotten for Leslie's mom and dad.

Anyway, Briggs first asked for a robot guard that asks someone their name, and when they tell the robot their name he scans them to see if they are a good guy or bad guy. If they are a bad guy he blasts them and if he's a good guy he doesn't blast them (his words). That one was pretty hard to fill so Santa stuck with the cheap robot about 2 feet tall that spins and fires a blaster, good guy or otherwise. Max of course couldn't really ask for anything just yet, but everytime we went into a toy store he always wanted to run to see "Roary", as he calls it. Roary is the remote control robot dinosaur that is pretty big this season, I have no idea what its real name is. Watching Max interact with Roary however is like watching a kid watching a horror movie. He's scared to death of him and has to be held when it's doing its thing but he can't get seem to get enough of it. So anyway, we hope he'll be okay with Santa bringing him a dinosaur that he sort of freaks out over. The thing Santa is bringing the boys that they don't know about is a zip line. Santa is having a hard time figuring out how he's gonna get it installed without the boys noticing but he's been doing a lot of pre-planning so maybe it'll go okay on Christmas eve, I hope there are no horror stories from Christmas day involving the zip line anyway.

Uncle Scott was able to come visit with us again this year and the boys have really enjoyed it, they're pretty hyper when he's up here, in a good way. We all went to the zoo light safari this weekend, it was great weather and the train was running this year thankfully. Les has been making all sort of Christmas candy, soaps, and craft stuff. The candy being much to the delight of Max. We found out today that Briggs has developed some mild form of walking pneumonia that he's having to take breathing treatments for for a few days. The mask he has to wear for the treatment has a fish theme to it to make it more fun. It's nothing major but we're glad we took him to the doctor before it turned into something worse right here before Christmas. I'm sure there'll be more Christmas postings later...

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