Friday, January 9, 2009

Max and Roary, Briggs and Dog Family

A few little notes. As soon as we got home from Christmas we started slowly introducing Max to Roary in a more formal fashion... with all the flashing lights, moving parts, and roaring/burping sounds turned off. In that short time they've finally gotten closer and Max is comfortable feeding him his bone and rock ball and even operating him with the remote, some. Umm a few other Max notes. He had some shots and a checkup the other day. He was 30 lbs and 39 inches, the height being off the charts for his age. He's going through some typical two year old stuff, really defining his boundaries, but all in all still an awesome boy. Les and I joked tonight at Briggs' basketball practice after I had to get onto him to be a little more forceful in going for rebounds, etc... that Max would be the one we'd have to restrain from being too rough. He's all boy, would hit everyone in sight if he could, wants to be outside every chance he gets, and man his throwing strength and accuracy is impressive for a 2 year old. Good times.

Briggs has recently created? started? (I don't know the term) a dog family that he puts to sleep at night by the bed in addition to Rusty. First came Dad dog, then before we knew it there was Mamma dog who just happens to have a big belly from toting around a baby girl in her tummy, and then most recently there's a big bear that turns out to be Rusty's big brother. Go figure. Can't wait to see who else joins the fam. Briggs has started basketball and really likes it and for the little amount of pre-work we did, he's already one of the better kids on his team (that's not saying a WHOLE lot) but anyway he's having fun. I'll make a separate post on that after I get some pics. The last pic is Briggs with his ginormous millenium falcon that Santa brought to him in Dothan. He can barely pick the thing up, I must admit that it is pretty cool and boy is he having a blast with it.

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  1. Oh, what beautiful pictures! I am glad they love their toys, but I am not sure how Briggs plays with his unless he rides it :)