Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Greatest Popcorn on Earth

A few weeks ago the circus was in town. We went with Jody and Elizabeth and their boys. Everyone had a good time, mostly. There was a scary clown throughout most of the show that neither Briggs, Max, or myself cared for. Everytime he came out Briggs wanted to leave and I wanted to permanently remove him from the show. Briggs got a pretty cool sword that I'll need to take a second mortgage on the house to pay for and Max found his dream come true, the biggest bucket of popcorn on earth. Which I'm pretty sure he ate nearly all of by himself. That boy loves him some popcorn. It was a good time but we'll need to get tickets earlier to get better seats next year, if you're higher than the trapeze connections in the rafters, you're too high for me. The lions and elephants were pretty cool but Mr. Gravity the evil clown can stay home next time, ugh, clowns...

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