Monday, March 2, 2009

The Face of Global Warming

We've only been in Birmingham now for less than two full years and in both winters we've been blessed with a good snow day, that's saying a lot for Alabama. Briggs was ecstatic, like it was Christmas morning. Max was pretty gung ho on going outside at first, but a few seconds of cold snow blasting him in the face quickly sent him back inside. I eventually coaxed him back outside and after he quit thinking about it he had a few minutes of fun throwing snow balls that Briggs and I made for him and smashing the miniature snowmen we made. Briggs stayed out as long as he could stand being cold and wet. I was able to conjure up a makeshift sled for him out of a piece of sheet metal. He went a few times on the neighbors yard across the street that has a pretty good slope to it. A few hours later as the snow was melting he realized he was missing his chance to sled some more and begged to do it a few more times. I had to drive to another neighborhood to find enough snow and was able to find a slope about 50 yards long and very very steep. We got in about 10 good rides before he was soaked to the bone and wore out. They both enjoyed jumping on the snow trampoline. Afterwards Briggs asked me where does it snow all the time so that we could move there, after I informed him we'd have to move to the North or South pole and he considered it for a moment, he was very disappointed. At least we got in a few hours of snowy fun.

It was a crazy weekend. There was a small and quick tornado in Chelsea on Friday that tore up a gas station sign but left everything intact around it, fortunately Briggs was on a field trip and the tornado didn't get close to the school. On Saturday we had basketball in the morning, a ton of rain all day and then baseball practice that night. I thought for sure we'd be rained out but apparently the batting cages are covered and that's enough to get in some good fielding and batting practice (in the freezing cold rain..). Sunday morning it started snowing and it lasted well into the afternoon. Monday was baseball practice at 5 pm and in 35 degree weather followed by the basketball tournament. We lost in the first round, it was a fun season though. I hope Tuesday is a much slower paced day...

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