Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Life with Boys

I generally feel outnumbered around here, with all of the testostertone and standing up to go to the bathroom, but never as much as now, since baseball season has started. I'll let Rod blog about the details of the first game, but I'll update the overall picture. This year because Briggs is at the grand ole age of 6 and he is in coach pitch baseball, practices and games are very SERIOUS. Seriously, they are serious. They have umpires who stop the game if someone forgets their hat. Three strikes and you're out, better luck next time. I guess I was not ready for this, but then again, will I ever fit in at the ballpark? I don't think I even have anything appropriate to wear, which reminds me that I am the mother of boys and better find a way to get with the program.

I have been saving up some of the things that the boys have said recently and I wanted to share:

One night as Rod was about to get Max to bed and he was supposed to be telling me goodnight, he said, "Mama you're not pretty." Rod tried to get him to take it back, but he wouldn't.

One afternoon as Briggs and Max were playing together Briggs said, "Max, here is your weapon (a flashlight). Remember to use it for good and not evil." Good advice.

A sweet little girl sitting next to us at a restaurant was told,"no, I mean it" several times by Max, just because she was there, I suppose.

There is a little dog that lives down the street who visits us every once in a while. Rod and the boys named him Sweet Boy, since we don't know his real name. He is a very sweet dog and gets fed cookies, Lunchables, chocolate, or whatever else they can find, when he comes to visit. One day the doorbell rang unexpectantly and from upstairs Briggs yelled, "Is it Sweetboy?" I guess he thought dogs can ring doorbells. It was just UPS.

Max has started pointing and says, "Mama, croc-e-dile right there." He thinks it is so funny, loves it when I act scared and try to get away. The funny thing is, when I say it, he really is scared and comes and jumps in my lap terrified that a croc-e-dile is going to get him.

I got my haircut a few days ago and the other morning Max asked, "get you haricut mom?" I said yes and he replied,"I wike you haircut." He can be so sweet.

When Briggs and Max fight, we try to get them to say they are sorry to each other. Briggs always says it and Max does too, or so we thought. Rod noticed that afterward he was going up to Briggs and wispering "I not sorry Briggs." What are we going to do with him?

Briggs is forever building spaceships out of Star Wars Legos and asking us, "How do you like my new ship, it's the P39-400." Well, Max has also started building his own little ships and asking me, "how you wike my ship?" He's so proud that he can do it too.

And lastly, Max has started wanting to say the blessing at dinner, which goes something like this:

Hep Mama
Hep Daddy
Hep Briggs

The view from my shower. I am not sure if they are using
thier weapons for good or for evil....


  1. How precious! Y'all crack me up! thankful for my one girl and one boy...and wondering if I'm soon to be outnumbered...what will I do??? One boy is a handful! My hat is off to you with two!