Saturday, April 18, 2009

Max Counting

I had been waiting for a chance to make a video of Max "reading"/counting before making this post. He's been able to count to about 12 or so for a few months now. At night some of his more favorite books have counting in them. Props to Uncle Scott for bringing his camera for me to use the mpeg feature on. We're working a lot on colors now with Max, I'm very pleased that he seems to enjoy reading books or at least having them read to him as much as Briggs did. His favorites right now are the counting books already mentioned, a couple of books with a wombat in them, and any of the books with push buttons that make sounds or music.

Other than that we're pretty much just staying busy with baseball and normal stuff. We're mid-way through the regular season, we won a big game today 24 to 21. Briggs went 4 for 4 with 4 runs scored i think. I coach third base and unfortunately this bothers Max immensely and of course ends up stressing Leslie. Up until the last inning, everytime I went on the field Max would start crying big time and Les would have to take him to the car to not be a big distraction. Finally though by the last inning (5) he had gotten to where would just wait until it was over, maybe we're making progress. Briggs is having a lot of fun and Max wants to be on the field so bad he can't stand it, I guess either this fall or next spring we'll have two playing ball, I'm honestly looking forward to it.

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