Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tears and Rocks

Yesterday when I came home Leslie told me something that brought a tear to my eye. She said that when she picked Briggs up from school and was unpacking his backpack, he told her that there was a very important paper in there. Curiously she starts going through his stack of papers. A drawing he had made…”no, that’s not it”, some math work sheets he had done…nope, a note reminding Dad of career day…not it, football registration form…”THAT’S IT!”. I joke about the tear but I am excited that he wants to play pretty much everything and I really hope he enjoys it as much as he has everything else. Leslie and I talked about football this weekend and she had her reservations but she said after Briggs told her that, the message was received. We really haven’t pushed him into any of this stuff and we’re able to balance school work and the sports stuff (except for the rare 7:30 practices, those are tough). As long as he’s having fun and school is going good I’ve told him he can play whatever he wants.

Football will just be one more thing for Max to want to participate in but can’t, yet. Max in every sport Briggs has played (soccer, basketball, baseball) at the end of every practice or game when the coach huddles the team up to take a knee or sit and listen, Max always has to get right in the middle and he sits just as quietly and attentively as anyone that actually understands what the coach is saying. Thankfully the coaches are always very cool about it. I can’t wait for Max to be able to be in his very own huddle on his very own team, he’s going to love it.

Not much new going on, I spent all afternoon working in the yard while Les was doing her counseling. The boys picked up rocks for me in the parts of the yard that I’m trying to grow some new turf in. I told Briggs he could earn some money for doing it and Max chipped in b/c it was “fun”. I’ll bet they spent a solid hour and a half in the trampoline together afterwards w/o getting out once. We were all filthy but slept like rocks!

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  1. They are so cute!!! Oh the things to look forward to with a boy! :)