Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fathers Day and "Vacation"

What a busy summer, I can't believe it's already half-way over with. Just a few mid-summer notes.

Fathers day was perfect, nothing over the top, just right. At church, Briggs made me my favorite card thus far, it reads "I love my Dad because we giv esh othr shrog hugs", whish of course translates to "I luv my Dad because we give each other strong hugs". I don't think I've documented this before, but one of our "things" is him giving me strong hugs, we've been doing it for a looong time now. As he's gotten older he's gotten obviously a lot stronger but any pain is worth it. When he deals them out to others we sometimes have to tell him to tone them down. Max is following in his foot steps with our welcome home routine now including both of them taking turns running to me from across the house and jumping onto me to give me a strong hug, it's great. As I'm writing this Max came in the room chattering in some foreign language and mixing in that "i'm a squar-rall (squirell)", funny thing is that he's pants-less because he's potty training and being half naked seems to help, the half naked squar-rall was pretty funny. Later fathers day night Briggs made a chart of things to do for Dad; him, Max, and Leslie setup a "movie theater" for me. They made popcorn, drinks, and setup a family movie to watch. It was a good night.

(the lady in the background is trying to tell the cops about a 5 ft monkey being loose on the premises..."he went that a-way")

This past week I had a work trip to Knoxville that I was able to take the family on. It was a short trip but a lot of fun, we had a rented mini-van that Briggs raved was sooo much cooler than Mom's car, even if it didn't have a dvd player. We stopped at Chattanooga there and back to visit the aquarium and a science museum. The science place had a Curious George exhibit that both boys loved. We were able to go to a water park in Knoxville with some pretty wild slides. Briggs and I rode all the slides we had time for and even Les jumped on one with Briggs; that was all she needed to meet her excitement quota. Max wanted to keep riding the lazy river ride over and over. He still hates getting splashed so that pretty much ruled out just about every other attraction there. With that, Guatemala, and a couple of trips to Dothan, half the summer is already over. It seems we've had a lot of nights working outside where the boys get filthy with sand or just playing in the sprinkler, invariably they both end up stark naked running around in the front yard with me washing them off with the water hose before they come inside. Currently Briggs and I are dismantling Leslie's old vacuum cleaner so that he can build a "robot", I'll have to make that another post. No lazy days of summer around here...


  1. Grandmum 321penguinsJuly 1, 2009 at 8:26 PM

    That sounds like such great fun. I am so glad you all are so happy and content in your life. Grannie