Friday, August 21, 2009

Castles, Naps, and Our Colorful Family

Max called me in the playroom a little while ago to show me the castle he built. He was so proud and this must be one of the first things he has built entirely by himself. Both boys do a lot of "building" around here. Blocks, Legos, pieces of square cheese, etc. become spaceships, castles, and fortresses.

I had a parent/teacher orientation at Briggs' school last night and this is what I saw when I sat down at his desk:

There are so many things I could say here. Maybe Rod should just stay out of the sun for a while...the likeness is uncanny though, the tone and hair of each person is spot on...
And now, the top ten excuses Max has been giving for not wanting to take a nap:

10. He has to go potty
9. He needs to turn the light off (it's already off)
8. He's scared of the door
7. He's scared of the invisible elephant in his room
6. He just wants 10 more minutes
5. He wants to snuggle in our bed
4. He just wuvs me
3. His bed is broken (because he pulled the sheet off)
2. He has to go potty again
and my personal favorite:

1. He can't take a nap because he has boogers in his nose.

Good times...good times... :-)



    Sounds like Max and T3 have some of the same ideas about naps :)

  2. Brooke and I just laughed our head off!! Man, I needed a good laugh too. I miss ya'll so much. Love, Mom

  3. HAHAHAHA! The picture it toooo funny!!!!
    I'm still laughing!
    Love the excuses too, those sweet boys!