Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Allergy Tests & Donkeys

Last week we took Briggs to the allergy doctor to get a second opinion on the treatment of his asthma. Last Christmas, Briggs got sick, which turned into walking pneumonia. The cough never seemed to go away. It was worse in the spring and he been really bad this fall. When Briggs got the flu and then bronchitis a few weeks ago, he got an inhaler to take to school with him. We had been doing two different medicines in the nebulizer in the mornings, the inhaler at school, and sometimes another breathing treatment at night. Then, for the last two weeks he had been coughing a lot and the breathing treatments did not seem to help. So we decided to take him to a specialist. I did not really prepare him for allergy testing, since I was bringing the results from when he was tested at age 3. Apparently, they had only done testing for a few things and this new doctor wanted to to a complete testing for environmental allergies (everything but food). So, the nurse did the first one which was interrupted with kicking and screaming. He was pretty hysterical. Another nurse came in and tried to hold him down to do the rest of them, but I could not stand it. I asked them to stop. We decided that he might do better with dad there, so we scheduled to come back that afternoon. We had already been at the office for 2 hours. So we met Rod at the bowling alley and ate Chik Fil A and let the boys bowl. Rod talked to Briggs about finishing the testing and offered to get him a new game if he let them finish. Briggs agreed, but we still had to hold him down, but at least it was his mommy and daddy holding him and not a stranger. (That almost seems wrong, but it really was better). The doctor told us that he believed Briggs would be allergic to almost everything they tested him for (called pan-allergic) because of the progression he has shown so far of going from eczema, to nasal allergies, to asthma. Boy was he right.

It was even worse than it looks. It itched terribly and I had to fan him for twenty minutes because he could not scratch it. He was allergic to everything (38 things) except for 3 things: cats and two kinds of mold. The doctor recommended allergy shots to hopefully stop the progression of his asthma getting worse. He said that it is the closest thing to a cure and that he has a 50% chance of his asthma going away. The allergy shots would go like this:

3 shots once a week for 1 year

3 shots every 2 weeks for the next year

3 shots once a month for 3 years for a total of 5 years.

Dr. Soong reports that the shots are not that bad, since they don't go in the muscle, only under the skin, but I guess we will see about that. His first ones are on Oct. 21.

And not to forget about little brother. He got to observe the whole thing. He did rather well, considering we were there for over 4 hours total. He was very loving towards Briggs and very concerned about him. While we were waiting, I read a Winnie the Pooh book to him about Eeyore being sad. I think somewhere the stress of it all got in his head and made an association with Eeyore. That night he did not want to sleep in his room because he was scared of the donkey. He even dreamed that night about "that bad donkey." Poor Max. I hope he never has to have allergy testing, there won't be enough nurses to hold him down. For now, he'll just stick with entertaining everyone with his push ups.


  1. Oh, poor, sweet Briggs. I cannot imagine how hard that must have been. I am so glad Rod got to go back with y'all. I will be praying the shots will be effective.

    And I cracked up when I saw the picture of Max doing his push ups. Very manly. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! Poor Briggs!!! Bless yall's heart I know that had to be hard. But that's hilarious!

  3. Ouch! Poor thing! That picture hurts just looking at it!