Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Max: Bye Bye Terrible Two's

Last Monday was Max's third birthday. He has been so excited about his birthday, he has been talking about it for several months now. So we decided to celebrate all week long with friends and family. Sunday, his cousins, Jessica and Samantha, Angie, and Aunt Sue came uphere and we went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Max got an ice cream Sunday and the waiters sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Then Monday morning, I(Leslie) made him a chocolate chip muffin with three candles in it and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Then, he wanted us to do it again, so we re-lit the candles and sang again! At lunch, before our family had to go home, we went to P.F. Changs and got him a little dessert with a candle and sang again! Thursday, we had his party at Jumpin' Jax and he had a great time playing with his friends. Granny and Papa came up and picked Briggs up from school and were the first ones at the party. Then we loaded up on Friday and went home to have a family birthday party with Eli at Aunt Brooke's house. The funny thing about Max is that he never ate one single bite of his cake, dessert, cookie cake, or ice cream sunday! He was just happy to feel special (and get presents).

When we were at the toy store getting Max a present, Briggs did not understand why we were only getting Max one thing. Rod told him that the present would be from all of us. With tears in his eyes, Briggs said, "but he's my brother, I have to give him something too." Sooo, Briggs got Max a trailer for his "Cars" collection.

Although Max can be strong willed, mischievious, and difficult sometimes, he is also such a sweet, loving, empathetic little boy. He wants to do everything that Briggs does, from playing baseball and golf, to bowling (Max beat him this week!) to saying his Bible verse after Briggs says his. This evening Briggs was in danger of getting a spanking and Max thought that he already had gotten one, he ran into the room and started standing up for Briggs by making muslce arms and saying "don't spank my Briggs!" So I (Dad) spanked him for talking to me like that. Kidding ;-) a stern talking to took care of that.
Max has the strongest sense of smell and says, "what's that sme-ull" at least 5 seconds before anyone else smells anything. Briggs thinks it's so funny. Max loves to snuggle and always wakes up sweaty and snuggley after his nap. He is afraid of the bathroom door in his bedroom and the donkey that he thinks is after him (I'll explain later). He amazes us with his ability to use words that I didn't even know he knew! He can be shy but also a social butterfly who loves to talk to strangers and enjoys showing off his amazing push ups.

I will miss greatly these days of having my two young boys to play with, but look forward with wondered anticipation at watching them grow into young men. It is amazing to see how different and yet alike the two are. I am already so proud of both of them. I am amazed at how God, in these two wonderful and "spirited" boys, has blessed us beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of.

Happy Birthday Max! We love you so much, sweet boy!


  1. LOVE the second to last pic!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How we love those boys!! It always makes us miss them all the more. The pictures are great.
    Love, Granny and Papa