Monday, November 23, 2009

A Cosmic Birthday

What a difference a year and some better planning make for a birthday party. Last year at this time we were all freezing our tails off at a park with some unseasonsably cold rain, wind, and near freezing temperatures. This year we decided to go indoors and what a great decision that was. Briggs chose to go to the bowling alley and it was really one of the best parties ever. He had six kids from his class come, his cousin Brayden, as well as some of the siblings. The bowling alley was setup all "Cosmic" style and the kids loved it. The alley prepared the food and drinks and took care of pretty much everything. Leslie the super-mom made a bowling ball and pin shaped cake into the wee hours of the morning because we had some oven issues that delayed her a bit. She did all this despite me telling her to just go buy a plastic pin to go along with the cake ball. At midnight she insisted that she press on and that I apparently don't "get it". Big cake turn out great as far as me neanderthal brain know.
The only difficulty was holding Max back from trying to tote around a 10 pound bowling ball with a broken collar bone whilst insisting "!".
Several parents commented on what a great host our little seven year old was. Completely unsolicited, Briggs, the future politician, spent a large portion of the party going around making sure everyone was having fun and telling everyone thank you. Happy Birthday Briggs, what a fine young man you are growing up to be, too quickly I might add :-(

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  1. How fun! Leslie....You need to teach me to make cakes! How did you do that!?!?!