Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween, The Peanut Festival, and Broken Collarbones 2009

Wow where does the time go!? I've been on the road a lot (for me anyway) lately and it seems life is going by entirely too fast. I do my best to slow it down, but despite my efforts this year is flying by. I'll throw a lot into this post just to document recent months. I am very much looking forward to a little holiday break this year.

Let's see...we finished fall baseball with Briggs. It was a lot of fun b/c they play pretty much normal baseball and it's a little more laid back in the fall. Briggs did fine as always. Max during each practice would take the tee into the batting cage, hit a ball, tell you to tell him to "Run Max! Run!", he would proceed to mock run bases, go get the ball, and the do it all over again. Good times. We're skipping basketball this season to try to slow things down a little bit and spend some quality family time together before spring ball picks back up.

For Halloween we decided to go to a neighborhood not far from here with a lot more houses than ours. Briggs wore his Obi Wan Kenobi costume and Max was a frog (hand-me-down from Briggs that Max wanted to wear). The boys had a good time going from house to house and seeing the other kids in their costumes. They racked up on candy but the only one that ended up eating any of it was Leslie, the rest eventually was thrown away. I guess they inherited my non-sweet tooth...

We were excited to finally get to go back to the Peanut Festival this year after being home-bound last year with Briggs being sick. Unfortunately however things didn't go exactly the way we planned. On the morning of the parade we were walking toward our seats (myself, Briggs, Leslie, Max, and Grannie). We had to park a couple of blocks away and took a shortcut across some rail-road tracks to get to the next street over. I thought that would be the "dangerous" part of the trek, little did I know that the next street over actually had it in for us. While walking down the street, Grannie was walking and holding Max's hand, at some point she tripped, fell, and took Max down with her. Long story short, she's going to need some surgery on her thumb area after the swelling goes down and Max has a broken left collarbone. He's been a real trooper through all of this though. The first day he was understandably pretty pitiful just wanting to be held all day, but by the next morning once he realized he could still get around without too much pain, we couldn't slow him down. The good news is that it'll heal up just fine in a few weeks and all he has to do is wear a sling (easier said than done) and stay out of the trampoline. Briggs was able to enjoy the whole parade and got to go to the fair to ride rides with his cousins Jessica, Samantha, Hudson, and Eli; they had a blast. I really hate Max had to miss it but he'll be plenty big next year to enjoy pretty much everything that he would have had to skip this year. Sue and Samantha (along with some graciousness of the carnie after hearing of Max's untimely disability) won Max a monkey that he has loved playing with.

Last couple of notes. Briggs has started wanted to take showers instead of baths lately. The other night he told me "Dad, I can do it all by myself, you just go sit down and relax." NICE. Max and Briggs have been playing great together and yet also getting on each others nerves a lot lately too, a sign of things to come I'm sure. Tonight they were playing some pretend rocket type scenario and when it was time to "go to bed", Briggs laid Max down on the couch, then told him it was time to read him his Bible verse, and then proceeded to read him all of Psalm 79 which he had randomly selected. I'm proud and yet am at the same time hoping Max doesn't have nightmares from it :-).


  1. Y'all left me laughing, laughing, laughing. So sorry about Grannie and Max. Yikes! Best wishes on keeping that sling on him...I can't imagine trying to keep a boy in a sling! :) And oh...not to have a sweet tooth! Wow! Great pics. Your boys are precious!

  2. Briggs looks just too old in this picture! I was thinking he looked 7 or 8 yrs old and then I thought -- he is...

  3. Wow, I think I clicked the wrong button on that comment. Ha Love Granny