Sunday, December 6, 2009

Max the Donkey Blaster

I'm not sure where this exactly started from, but lately Max been fascinated with the ton of imaginary donkeys that apparently live in our house and throughout the community. It seems like no matter where we go there's always some crazed donkey in need of blasting by imaginary blasters that pop up out of Max's forearms on command. At least a few times a day he's disintegrating donkeys to smithereens and saying "I keeled that donkey!" and then he proceeds to tell us that he saved mom, or me, or some oblivious pedestrian who didn't even see the dubious donkeys on their march of impending doom. I'm not sure what their motives are exactly, but Max obviously knows that their scheming hearts are downright nefarious in nature. Thankfully, we can all rest a little easier at night knowing that Max the donkey blasting machine is on the job, whether you know there are evil donkeys out there or not...


  1. :) go Max!!! (Don't you know he's probably a super hero!!?)

  2. He is just too cute and has learned a lot from big brother Briggs.