Thursday, January 14, 2010

Max's First Week at "School"

Max started Mother's Day Out last week. We have been hyping it up since before Christmas, so he was pretty excited on his first day. He had a great day and did not cry at all. Then came the second day and he realized this was for real and he cried off and on the whole day. When I picked him up he said, "Mom, I cried and cried for you, but they wouldn't get you." I assured him that I would only come when it was time to pick him up. You can imagine how the rest of the week went, although I am happy that he only cries off and on and not the whole time. He is also doing better at church. We are taking him into the service with us during the singing and then taking him to his class when the preaching begins. He cries when we drop him off, but is learning how to cope until church is over. I think it is a work in progress of undoing how we have (unwittingly) taught him to do over the last few months. Basically, the routine has been: Max cry for an hour, the director gets him from his class and spends one on one with him taking him wherever she needs to go, then taking him back to his class where he cries once again, and finally, page mom and dad. I got used to knowing that if he cried long enough, we would come and get him. We all agreed that this is really not helping him so we have stopped. The funny thing is, last week at school when he cried so much, the director of the school came and got him out of his class and took him with her, where she said he was happy and chatty, and then took him back to his class where he cried again. (Hence the statement: "I cried and cried for you but they wouldn't get you!") So hopefully now he knows that he has to stay at school until it is time to go home. Yeah, I'm going to be optimistic and stick with that.

One more note: last week, Briggs came home from school and informed me that the new little boy in his class did not have anything to eat for snack at school, so he shared his snack with him. I was so proud, I almost cried! I think what made me so proud was that this kid doesn't sit at Briggs' table and he noticed from across the room that someone else in his class didn't have something so it was up to him to share with him. Now if only he and Max can learn to get along so well :-)


  1. Love his shirt! Did you make that one?

  2. I can remember when someone cried so that I had to leave a kiss on the bottom of her feet to walk on all day so she didn't miss me as much...You do what you have to do---yes, even kiss their feet.