Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monkey Love, A Home for Dogs, and the Lord's Supper

Max received a monkey from his cousin Samantha back in November when he broke his collarbone. He instantly loved it and has been collecting monkeys ever since. Let's see,.... we have Momma Monkey, Baby Monkey, Yellow Monkey, and most recently Little Baby Monkey. He loves them all and has to sleep with them all every night. We wrap Momma Monkey's long arms around all the other monkeys and Velcro her hands (paws?) together so she is holding all of them. So sweet.

On Friday, Briggs stayed out of school because of some tummy trouble. Early in the morning, he told me that he needed to make a doghouse for his dogs. I remembered we had some cardboard boxes in the basement, so he grabbed them and went to cutting, pasting, taping, coloring, and decorating those boxes to make the perfect houses for his dogs, complete with mops, vacuum cleaners, and brooms made out of paper towel cutouts colored with markers. The houses had multiple rooms including backyards. I was amazed at how little it took to preoccupy him for hours. He even made a tall monkey house that Max's monkeys could hang out of.

Which reminds me that nearly every day when I pick Briggs up from school he has some little something that he has made out of bits of paper. A remote control for a robot containing commands such as "freeze, walk, shoot laser beam", a cell phone, and anything that appeals to that little engineering brain of his.

And lastly...........

A conversation overheard during the Lord's Supper:

As the juice passes by, Max says, "what about me?"

Briggs: "you can't have any, Max. You're not saved."

Max: "awwww." Hangs head and pouts lip.

Briggs feeling sorry for him: "maybe you should just pray about it, like this."

Both close eyes and pray.

............as I try not to spill my thimble-full of grape juice from laughing at those sweet boys.


  1. He is so talented!!!! Totally an engineer! Did he and Rod ever finish their robot? (out of a vacuum cleaner?)

  2. ha! yeah, the robot has been reinvented in various forms since that first started. unfortunately Briggs thinks we should be able to build a real rocket out of the scraps of stuff in the garage...R

  3. So sweet! Anderson and Max should have a "monkey party" sometime! We have one cleverly named "Monkey" that he HAS to have while riding in the car!