Sunday, February 14, 2010

Elektris-u-d and Snow

This past MLK day Briggs' class apparently had a "I Have a Dream" project. Briggs' dream is below:

This past week he wrote me a letter during school also below:

Translation: "Dear Dad, Thank you for making electricity. If it wasn't for electricity we would still be in the dark. Love, Briggs"

Lately we've gotten into the routine of getting the boys to sleep in the same bed at night. I read one their story and the other a different story. Les has been reading Charlotte's Web when she reads to them along with some other stories. Afterwards I've been snuggling with both of them until they're nearly asleep, five or ten minutes. Tonight as I lay there I was especially thankful for how much God has blessed me with two fine boys who love their father and who I can love so very much. I greatly enjoy holding each boy on either side of me and hearing them sigh with contentment as they snuggle up close to me and fall asleep, how awesome, man I'll miss these days. The book Briggs read tonight was 'Rockets and Spaceships', a story basically about NASA. I wish I had a picture of the look in his eyes after I told him how proud I was that he wanted to be like me, but that I pray that he'll grow up to be whatever God wants him to be. I told him that if it is God's will he could one day be an astronaut and fly into space to do all sorts of experiments (he LOVES doing experiments), his eyes grew big and you could just see the wonderment and excitement behind them, priceless. God please help me to not provoke my boys to anger, but to bring them up in the discipline and instruction of You, and God thank You, thank You, thank You!

Max has found a new favorite thing, a book. He has a baby Einstein's 'Let's Look' book that he carries around with him nearly everywhere we go. We read it 3 to 5 times a day it seems and he doesn't want to read anything else at bedtime. It has shapes, colors, animals, space stuff, everything a little three year old heart could desire. He's doing great in mother's morning out and that has helped him to do just as great in the church nursery. No More Crying! He's kind of going through a whiny phase right now and boy does he have his mother's temper (kidding, it's scarily all me). When he gets mad he stomps off huffing, it's kind of cute actually. We're going through the phase of having to explain all of his emotions to him and teaching him how to deal with them the right way. He's doing awesome though, it's great seeing him and Briggs play together and growing up loving each other, most of the time :-).

Wow, going into our third winter here and in all three we've had at least one fairly good snow day. A few weeks ago the weathermen were predicting 2"-4". The boys were soooo excited about it and stood at the front door excruciatingly waiting. But in the end were pretty bummed out by what would better be described as a snow mist, not even a flurry...

This past weekend though God saw fit to give us another good snow day, enough to go sledding down the same hill we found last year. This year I bought an inflatable tube that you would pull behind a boat. Briggs loved it, I really enjoyed it, and Max somewhat enjoyed it as long as I was riding with him. My favorite was the three of us riding in it together. I have video of it but pictures were too much to handle (read: Mom decided to rough it out back home with the fireplace and warm coffee...). What a great weekend...


  1. What a Blessing to this Grandmom's heart!

  2. I enjoy your blog so much!! Precious memories you are making and recording on your blog!!