Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Times Tougher Than Your Dad

As Briggs gets older we are having more and more of these little father/son talks that explain to him how the world really works. Most of the time I am at the same time proud and filled with laughter at seeing the light bulb go off and seeing how funny a little 7 year old brain can be sometimes.

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, Briggs came running into the kitchen with my deodorant in his hand . He excitedly asked me how to make more of it come up so that he could use it before school. Curious as to why of all days he chose this day to use deodorant before school, (personal hygiene typically being the last thing on our first grader's mind) he looked at me and said "because it will make me 10 times stronger than you!"

Sad to burst his bubble, it did give us a good opportunity for one of our little talks. We had a nice chat about marketing, commercials, and how advertisements are only trying to make you spend your money. When asked if he really thought a deodorant could make him 10 times stronger than anyone he laughed and said "no, that's pretty silly." I sure do love those boys, even if they aren't as strong as me, yet...

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