Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Sunshine

Max's three year old vocabulary grows everyday, sometimes amazing us with his command of the English language ("Mom, I have the pick-ups" instead of hiccups) and sometimes confounding us ("Look at the dragon stools on my hands!") huh? Rod finally figured out that one- dragon scales- when his fingers are shriveled from being in the bath too long.

Last week he informed me that he was tired of saying that we lived in Birmingham and from now on, he would just say we live on Sesame Street. His teacher at Mother's Day Out taught them to say, "Don't Mess With Texas" and so we get this warning rather frequently. We can't wait to visit Rod's family in Texas this summer, they will be so proud.

The other day he asked me to help him put on his Buzz Lightyear costume. As I was turning the legs inside out by sticking my arms in them, he protested, "Mom, it's my turn to wear it first!"
And other times, he just warms my heart when he tells me he loves me. I"ll ask him how much and he replies "24." Maybe that's on a scale from 1 to 24 or maybe it's just all 24 hours of the day. With that mischievous grin, it doesn't even matter.
He loves music and has a special penchant for Etta James, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Withers. His current favorites are "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Great Balls of Fire."
Max also loves to talk about Jesus. Here is a recent conversation:
Max: "Is God with us?"
Mom: "Yes, baby, He is with us."
Max: "Is He here now?"
Mom: "Yes, He lives inside of us if we trust in Him and follow Jesus."
Max, breaking out into song: "God has given this land to us,
no need to fuss, He knows what He's doing
We know that He will take care of us, if we will follow Him."
Mom: "What a sweet Veggietale's song."
Max, "Yes, mom. God wants us to be nice to people."
Amen to that.

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