Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Mess With Texas and Other Conversations With a Three Year Old

photo by Lily White Photography

From the time Max woke up this morning until I dropped him off at MDO, we had a running conversation that went something like this:

He sat up in the bed and shoved a stuffed monkey in my face; "Mom, you be the mama monkey and I'll be the baby monkey."

Then in the kitchen, "Mom, can I have a muffin in a bowl?" As I stood him up on the counter he said, "look mom, I growed up! I am bigger than you," as he looked down at me smiling. I asked, "Will you still hug and kiss mommy when you are this tall?" He just giggled.

"Okay Max, it's time to go to school."
"Mom, can I just have 5 more minutes to play?"
"Okay, but then we have to go brush your teeth."
"But mom, I brushed my teeth last night."
"Yes, but we have to brush them again this morning."
"Mom, can I take all my pet monkeys in the car? Mom, can I have a pet?"
"Max, you already have so many pet monkeys that we can hardly carry them all!"
"No mom, I need a puppy. And I need him to be a-wiiiiiive."
"If we had a puppy, he might not be alive for very long."

While driving to school, looking out the window, "Do cars scare the birds away?"
"Yes they do."
"Do cars scare dogs away?"
"Do cars scare cats away?"
"Do they scare cows away?"
"Uhh, no."
"Well I think they do."

"Is that daddy's farm?" Looking at a pasture full of horses and cows.
"No honey, daddy doesn't have a farm. His daddy has a farm in Texas. We are going to go there in a few weeks."
"Don't mess with Texas, mom."
"I would never."

On Mother's Day, Briggs brought me breakfast in bed: Fruit Loops in milk. He so sweetly had stirred them up for me. He also had made a scavenger hunt for me to find my Mother's Day cards. One of my hints was taped to the milk carton. That boy loves a good scavenger hunt.

Rod comes home in two days! I have had so much help and company, it really has not been hard in that sense. I am so grateful to my family for all their help, love, and care. Aside from a couple of isolated incidents, the boys behavior has been phenomenal. We are talking about two weeks worth of misbehavior opportunities that have just not happened much.

The hard part has been Rod just not being here, sharing the little moments, being able to call him when something funny happens, coming home at night. His sweet, happy, fun loving presence has been deeply missed. And the oven thinks I have forgotten how to use it.

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  1. You are such a good mommy!! Briggs and Max are very blessed to have you!