Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Update with Sprinkles on Top

Max had his T ball game this morning. While the clouds looked foreboding, the rain held off all day. He was so cute batting and running to first. He would run as many bases as they would let him (i.e. they had to stop him from going all the way regardless of what was going on in the actual game). Max decided to show off his newly acquired skill today (albeit no one knew he had "learned" this) of sliding into home. It was hilarious, especially the time he got to home and just laid out on his back spread eagle. Other times he would just appear to fall when he got to home plate. He apparently has been paying attention, because Briggs has just learned to slide and Max does not want to be left out of the action.

After the game, we ate lunch and then headed back to the ball field for Briggs' game. I think this is the first time I have gotten him to the game (without Rod) without forgetting any gear; I have no idea why I have so much trouble remembering everything. The game got away from the Marlins quickly and by the third inning it was 20 to 1. The Marlins made a great comeback and scored 13 runs, but still lost the game. Briggs had two doubles, one that went far into the outfield. His third at bat he had a single with two RBI's. He did great and everyone was so proud of his hitting.

For a special treat after dinner, we went to Yogurt Mountain. The boys were so excited because they knew of the yumminess that would be theirs when we finally made it through the wrapped around line. I kept having to pull Max back to keep him from breaking in line; he could hardly contain himself. Briggs ventured away from his M&M's only topping and opted for a menagerie of fruit loops, vanilla wafers, chocolate chips, two kinds of sprinkles, Reese's pieces and M&M's. He ate nearly every bite. I think when they weighed our treats we had about 20 ounces of yogurt and toppings collectively. But it was well worth it!

After talking to dad on Skype for a few minutes, the tired boys were fast asleep. By the way, Skype is our new best friend. Whoever invented it deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Or a big trophy. Or at least a yogurt mountain with two kinds of sprinkles on top.

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