Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Ominous Halloween

We had a double dose of Halloween this year, as our neighborhood trick or treated on Saturday and we went to a driveway party at some friends' house on Sunday night with more trick or treating. This also meant two nights of being superheros, which the boys enjoyed more than getting candy!

I have always liked Halloween, mostly because my birthday is the day before and my mom always made my birthday so much fun:  pumpkin patch birthday cakes, homemade witch costumes for my dress up parties, and ALWAYS pancakes with smiley faces for breakfast.  This year I made a few Halloween decorations to add to our fall decorations.

The boys helped me with some of them and the best part: I had most of the supplies, got some FREE and spent very little!

My birthday was Saturday and the boys (all of them) did SO much to make it so special for me!  Briggs counted down the days for at least a week.  I have never seen someone so excited about someone else's birthday!  We have a Cude tradition of treasure hunts to find your present, and I got to go on two of them!  Briggs initially wanted to make a treasure map with a Sharpie on my stomach while I was sleeping, but thankfully Rod talked him out of it.  When I woke up Saturday, I had my first treasure hunt to find the cards Briggs and Max made for me.  Then we went to Briggs' last football game.  After lunch, the boys sent me to get a manicure and pedicure, while they baked me a birthday cake.

Then I went on another treasure hunt to find my present.  Rod loves to get me sort of a joke present, meaning something we "need" but NOT something I would necessarily want for a gift.  A few years ago, I got a surprise crock pot for Christmas, this year it was a toaster oven before my "real" present of a new purse.   

Lots of hugs and I love you's made my birthday so special!

Lastly, Max has learned a new word and correctly used it in a sentence Saturday night.  "I'm afraid something ominous is going to happen tonight.  That means something bad, mom."  Thanks PBS, I think.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE!!! I am so glad your day was so special and I love that Briggs wanted to draw the treasure map on your stomach. I mean, how fun would that be! :)

    Happy Birthday, friend!