Monday, December 27, 2010

And a merry Christmas was had by all...

We all had a wonderful Christmas.  On Christmas eve, we went to a special family worship service at church.  They handed out silly putty for the kids and Christmas CD's for each family.  Our pastor used the silly putty in the service but both of the boys dropped theirs (and watched it roll into the darkness between rows of legs) before we could sing the last carol. Afterward, we read Luke 2 to the boys while they played with the paper nativity made out of the CD case.  Rod had carefully placed their new trampoline away from the playroom windows so that they would not see it right when they woke up on Christmas morning.  When the boys woke up, they looked out their bedroom window to see if it was snowing yet, and low and behold, what did they see instead?  Their new trampoline!
After ripping the wrapping paper off of the rest of their presents, we ate breakfast and read our last Jessie Tree devotion.   Then we loaded the car for a five hour, chilly, rainy drive to Dothan.  We spent the rest of the day with family, playing with cousins, and enjoying Christmas. 

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  1. Leslie, I love the pics of the boys on your header!!! Precious!Happy New Year!