Monday, December 13, 2010

There's No Crying in Basketball

Wellll, yet again I find myself coaching when I did not sign up for it.  But, I have to admit that there is a side of me that does enjoy it, at least the part where I get to spend quality time with the boys.  I just finished flag football with Briggs, that was fun and the parents were great, but I think we (not Leslie) are ready to try out tackle next season.

Lookin Good Mom, Nice Job, Really...

The Y asked me to coach 3 and 4 year old basketball, that's THREE and FOUR year olds, "playing" basketball.  So far it's been fun and at least I get to pray with the boys, we've had a few practices and this past Saturday had our first game.  It's an interesting dynamic when I try to setup our prescribed zone defense and the opposing coach informs me that I'm missing one, I look and sure enough one of the boys is missing.  I look to the bench...nope, check the bleachers...not there, maybe I should count to 10 and see if I can find him, finally a grandmotherly figure kindly informs me that my missing child had to go "potty", great.  Also, my lone three year old (everyone else is four) spent pretty much the entire 40 minutes crying anytime he got more than 2 feet away from mom.  I was a little uncertain of how to handle the situation.  Kid is crying, mom and dad are telling me he'll be fine when he gets on the court - pushing him toward me, I'm obligated to put him in the game, kid does not stop crying, kid cries while trying to obey my instructions, awesome.  A few other things I've never had happen, after every score kids run off the court to get hugs and kisses from mom/dad/grandmom/grandpa.  Kid gets thirsty, regardless of whether or not they're in the game, kid goes to get sippy cup.

There's a Basketball Game Going On?
Max at least is being a big boy, for the most part.  Mom tells me that he cries everytime it's time to leave the house for practice but when he gets to the gym he's fine.  He listens well and is so proud when he scores.  Dribbling looks like a 4 year old trying to kill an orange cat by slapping it to death but hey, he's trying.  He pays as much attention as the rest of team during the game, which means I'm going hoarse trying to get the kids to not look at their family and the fly on the wall while the other team is trying to score.  Next up, Briggs' 7/8 year old basketball (where there had better not be any crying, nose picking, or sippy cups).  Here's a video of Max's first basketball points, pay no attention to the slight travelling violation, gotta love the little hop in his step on the run back...


  1. Wooo hoo Max!!! So proud of you big guy!!!

  2. We have read this one and watched the video several time and laughed until we cried!! Just love those boys of ours. Papa and Granny