Monday, January 17, 2011


The first post of 2011!  It's taken a while because my fingers have been frozen.  It has been so cold so far this year and I can never really seem to get warm.  The boys have been out jumping on the trampoline some, but I have tried to stay inside as much as possible.  The only time I'm warm is when I am in the bed snuggled under the goose down comforter, which makes it very hard to get up in the mornings!  It doesn't seem to matter how high I crank up the thermostat (which my electricity-producing but not too-keen-on-using husband frowns upon), I am still cold!

The cold weather has been a good excuse to make soup!  Lots and lots of soup!  Ham and potato chowder, roasted red pepper, baked potato, and French Onion soup have frequently been on the menu.  I devised my very own, from scratch recipe for the roasted red pepper and it is really yummy!  I have attempted French onion several times, never getting it quite right, but I think I finally got it right tonight! I found the recipe here and except for the homemade veal stock - I used regular store bought chicken stock- I followed the directions exactly and it was wonderful!

We will definitely have this one again soon!  Warm, cozy, comfort in a bowl!


  1. Oh gracious...I could eat this for breakfast! Next time you cook this one, we'll come by for dinner. =o)

  2. I am a LOVER of french onion soup...I try it everywhere we go. I have experimented with, um, probably over fifty different recipes...I am trying this one VERY SOON. Yours looks DELISH!!! :)