Thursday, February 3, 2011

Macaron Obsession (not the coconut kind)

edited to add *Seriously?  I had obsession spelled wrong for like a week and never noticed?  And how am I qualified to teach my children at home??

I don't remember how it all began, but over the last year, Briggs and I have had a love affair with macarons.  Quite of an obsession really.  He has been obsessed with convincing  me to make them as often as possible and I have been obsessed with getting them right.  These delicate little French cookies are difficult to make at best, but I plugged along, undaunted by a year's worth of failure.

Besides having a sweet tooth that won't wait, once I happened upon images of rows of pastel hued macarons in French Patisseries on the Internet, I knew that the only way I would probably ever taste them (at least in the near future) would be to make them myself.  Spelled both macaroon and macaron, they are delicious and beautiful in any language!

So many failures, I wondered if I would ever get them to turn out!  The process of folding the beaten egg whites into the ground almond/confectioners sugar mixture or 'macaronage' as it is called, has to be perfectly folded- one turn too few or too many and ruin!  I should have documented more of the flops, but there have been many like this and worse:

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, they turned out perfectly!  I was so excited I had to take pictures.  I made three kinds: chocolate, strawberry, and lemon.  The shells are all the same (basically egg whites, sugar, and almonds), just colored and filled with different ganaches, buttercream, and preserves.  Briggs and Rod love the chocolate ones, I love the fruity ones, and despite his smile, Max won't touch them. 

Je crie, tu cries, nous crions tous pour macarons!


  1. Love this post Leslie! The colors are beautiful! I scream, you scream, we all scream for macaroons! (Thanks to Google translate :)

  2. I hope you will be being some to Dothan next time because I have been wanting some too =)and they look good. Miss you.

  3. Have you seen this cookbook about to be released?