Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

Ahhh Spring, on to baseball, warm outdoor activities, and getting more involved in scouting.  We went to our first Cub Scout meeting a month or so ago and received a block of pine for something called a Pinewood Derby.  I didn't grow up in Cub Scouts but did Boy Scouts until I received my First Class rank and then a buddy talked me into switching over into a Search and Rescue outfit.  Part of me wishes I had stayed in until I had reached Eagle Scout, but S&R was pretty cool in and of itself.  Hopefully though the boys will continue on all the way through.  Anyway, I'm a newbie to the world of Pinewood Derby and wow, it's pretty impressive how into it some people can get.  There are apparently whole websites dedicated to the various forms of derby racing, modifying, customizing, and what not.  Our little den however lives by some pretty basic rules so the cars don't get too far gone.

Briggs' dream car involved something that he would drive (he and Max have Lego versions of themselves), R2-D2 (his favorite Star Wars character) would manage the computer systems, and that Lego Max could ride in the back and blast "bad guys".  Briggs' schematic diagram on how to actually accomplish this feat of futuristic funkatude didn't exactly give me a lot to work with.  Especially considering that all we had to work with was a block of wood, a BLOCK-of-WOOD.  But, we worked together and came out with a product that we were proud of.  Briggs learned to use a coping saw, hack saw, vice, drill press, router, and Dremel tool.   Which, besides spending quality time with Dad, was pretty much the objective of this assignment.  He did most of the work himself with my direction, besides the dangerous stuff.  He helped cut it, route it, he sanded it,  painted it, and decorated it.  Max has already put in that when he gets into the scouts he wants his car to be one that just he would be in, has a lot of blasters, and a canopy (at least that's what I think he was describing).

Cpt. Briggs
Gunner Max


We didn't win our division (the Wolves) but for all of his effort his car was voted as having the "Best Details"!  This was one of the few categories voted on by all those in attendance.  He was SO proud, as were we all.  Great job son!  I had an awesome time building, teaching, and just spending time with you...

The Competition


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  1. As always, Papa and I are so proud of you. You are the GREATEST!! We love ou and Max so much. Gran